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5 Best Strains to Buy in California


5 Best Strains to Buy in California


If you’re looking to buy weed in California, chances are that you aren’t expecting anything fancy, especially with the smattering of quasi-legal shops scattered across the state. However, if you happen to be on the east end of the state, there are some hidden gems waiting for you as well as other options for buying cannabis that you may have otherwise overlooked. With a population of over 40 million people, California is known as one of the most populous states in the country, so it makes sense that there would be so many dispensaries available for locals and tourists alike. Moreover, since many of these shops aren’t owned by large corporations or chains of any kind, they are often unique and even quirky in some ways while still being dependable and trustworthy at the same time. That being said, here are five great strains to buy in California

What is a good strain to buy in California?

California is a pretty complex place with a myriad of laws regarding the sale of cannabis (both medical and recreational) and there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best strains to buy in the Golden State. With that said, we can still offer some examples of what might be best for you depending on where you are located and what you’re looking for. First of all, if you’re buying medical marijuana, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying a strain that has been specifically recommended for your condition. You can also try to find a dispensary that sells the strain that you prefer so you can sample a few discretely before making your selection. If you’re looking to buy recreational weed, then you’ll definitely want to talk to the budtender and make sure that they have a strain that you’re interested in buying. You can also ask them for recommendations for different parts of the state so you can get a wider variety of options.

Gorilla Glue #4

If you happen to be in Northern California and you’re looking for a quirkier option in the state, then you’ve found it! Gorilla Glue #4 is a strain that was created by a team at an anonymous breeding facility in a remote area of Northern California. They took a cross of an OG Kush male and an indica female to create a strain that is incredibly stony while also being incredibly fruity at the same time. It’s the kind of strain that you would expect to buy in Amsterdam or Paris but it is a delightfully quirky option in California.

The Bubba Kush

If you’re in Southern California, then you have a few great options. The Bubba Kush is a classic indica strain that has been a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs for decades. It’s a stout strain that will make you feel warm and fuzzy as soon as it touches your lips, so you’ll have to be careful because it can be very couch-bound. This is the kind of strain that you’d expect to buy in Portland or Seattle but, shockingly enough, it’s a classic option in Southern California.


If you’re in Northern California, then you’ll want to look towards the SF OG strain. This is a cross between OG Kush and a Blue Dream that has been selectively bred to create a relatively mild, earthy green bud. As a result, SF OG users report that they get a combination of the sweet flavor of OG Kush with the high THC content of a more typical indica. This is the kind of strain that you’d expect to find in San Francisco or Seattle, but it’s available in a few dispensaries scattered around the north coast as well.

Trainwreck feminized (finally!)

If you’re in Southern California, then you have more than a few great options, but we’ll start with Trainwreck. While this strain is now being grown in numerous states and even in Canada, it’s still most popular in California. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that smells distinctly of pine and citrus with a hint of earthiness. It’s a great strain for daytime use thanks to its relatively mild effects and it’s also great for treating both anxiety and depression thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Trainwreck is one of the most popular strains in California and it’s easy to see why. It has a pleasant citrus smell and a pine taste that make it ideal for pain and stress reduction. If you’re located in Southern California and you’re looking for a potent THC-rich strain that’s also fairly easy on the lungs, Trainwreck is a great option.

Ghost Train Haze (fruity, not very stoney)

If you’re in Northern California, then you’ll want to try out Ghost Train Haze. This is a relatively new strain that has been bred from a Skunk #1 and a Blueberry that is, unfortunately, difficult to find. However, it is a very unique strain that has fruity aromas that are more reminiscent of a wine than a typical weed smell. That being said, it’s still relatively stoney and it does have a moderately high THC content. Ghost Train Haze is a new strain that is reportedly very fruity in the way that some hybrid strains are more skunky. This is a great option for someone looking to try out a new strain in Northern California.

How to Buy Weed in California: Final Words

If you’re looking to buy weed in California, you’ve got a lot of great options. Whether you’re looking for classic OG Kush, new, rare Skunk strains, or something a little more unique, there’s a great option for you somewhere in the Golden State. You’ll just want to do your research and make sure you’re buying the right strain for you.

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