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How To Become A Good Stoner: Tips, Advice, and Wisdom to Get You Started


How To Become A Good Stoner: Tips, Advice, and Wisdom to Get You Started

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If you’ve ever wondered how to become a good stoner, there’s no simple recipe for success. However, here are some suggestions that may help you get started: - Relax and have fun. The most important step is to remember that as with many other things in life, it takes practice to get better at something. So if we can all take a moment to relax, enjoy the experience and maybe even play some friendly games with our friends - yes, the entire group will be happier if you can just relax and have fun! - Find your tribe. If you’re not one of the “cool kids” in high school or college, then look for other stoners online. Maybe they don’t hang out at their local coffee shop every day but they still share a common interest? That’s what makes connecting with other Stoners so exciting! But where do you find them? There are tons of websites dedicated to weed culture but here are just a few of our favorites: - Weedmaps: For casual marijuana enthusiasts who want to find other people in their area who smoke weed - High Times: Another social network full of like-minded users (if not an actual virtual chat room). Even if you don’t have anyone locally willing to share a joint with you - Grow Your Tribe: A secret website only accessible by invitation from well-rounded friends who know about your passion for growing weed. Keep in mind that

Don’t get tactical with your smoking sessions

You may be a seasoned stoner now, but you will never become a master stoner overnight. Instead, make sure that you’re taking it slow, steady and steady. Smoking too much or too frequently can make you feel like you’re in a fog, dizzy and confused. There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of an effect while meditating, exercising or eating a healthy meal before smoking a joint.

Stay hydrated and eat right

Hydration is key to keeping your smoke sessions safe and to enjoying the highs as often as possible. Most experts recommend having a glass of water two or three times during your smoke session to prevent dry mouth and to prevent your lungs from becoming too dry. Water is also a great way to clean your smoke out of your lungs. If you’re feeling dizzy, slightly nauseated or a bit out of it, it may be because your lungs are too packed with tar and other chemicals. By rinsing your lungs with water you can clean all of that out before it has time to make you feel bad.

Try edibles if you’re new to pot

Before you start smoking joints, edibles and waxes, it would be wise to practice on something you’re more accustomed to consuming. There are tons of marijuana products that you can consume orally, such as edibles and oils. These products usually come in the form of candies, brownies and other foods that you can easily sneak into a social setting and consume without drawing a ton of attention to yourself.

Get to know the flowers

As you become more experienced with smoking weed, you’ll notice that even the flowers or the buds are often not the best part. Instead, it’s usually the resins and the hash that are the most potent, so don’t forget to focus on those parts when you’re smoking your next bud.

Get to know the seeds

Have you ever taken a look at the seeds during your next smoke session? Seeds are where it’s at, so don’t forget to take a second to look at each seed and its color and texture.

Change up your routine every once in a while

Even if you’ve been smoking regularly for years, there are times when you need to change up your routine. For example, if you’ve been smoking regularly but your supply is low or if you’re feeling sick or are dealing with some other kind of illness, it might be a good idea to change things up and smoke something different.


Good luck on your cannabis journey! We hope that you find your tribe and that you enjoy every second of it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team of cannabis experts. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions for your lifestyle. Make sure to share this article with your friends who are curious about cannabis. Together, we can take cannabis from good to great!

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