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The 5 Best Places to Buy Weed: Where to Find the Best Deals


The 5 Best Places to Buy Weed: Where to Find the Best Deals

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If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t smoke that much weed. Maybe you’ve got a friend who always has some, or maybe you’re an avid cannabis user who just can’t seem to get enough. And while that may mean there aren’t many places where you can buy weed these days, it also means there are some seriously amazing deals available if you know where to look. Finding the best places to buy weed will require some digging and sleuthing, but if you follow our list of tips and tricks, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. These are the best places to find the lowest prices for your bud, whether it be because of a shortage in demand or simply because there are a ton of people selling their excess supply on the black market.

Visit Local Weed Markets

Most people think of markets as places where you can buy fresh herbs and flowers, not pot. While many markets may deal exclusively in those types of goods, many also specialize in cannabis. While the legality of selling weed varies from state to state, in many places the DEA has deemed it legal for both medical and recreational use. As a result, almost every major city has a nearby cannabis market where you can pick up some bud for cheap. These are the best markets to visit, and you can find them by looking up your local city on Google Maps. Also, bear in mind that not all markets are cannabis-only markets. Some may also specialize in crafts, flowers, or other items that you can use to purchase weed.

Join a Weed Delivery Service

While you can buy weed at almost any store, there are a few situations where buying weed doesn’t make much sense. For example, if you live in a small apartment where you can’t easily hide any bud from roommates, or you’d just rather not risk getting caught buying weed. In these situations, delivery services may be the only way to go. These companies generally offer cheaper prices than dispensaries and head shops, because they don’t have to pay retail prices and they don’t have to take the risk of getting caught. Some delivery services only deliver to select areas, others offer nationwide services. To join a weed delivery service, you’ll generally have to sign up as a customer, then allow the company to charge your debit/credit card each time you place an order. After you’ve been charged a few times, you can go to your online account and order the amount of weed you need. If you’re looking to buy a lot of weed at once, you can also call the company and place a large order. That way, you can avoid dealing with any credit card fees.

Check Out Local Head Shops

Despite being illegal at the federal level, many states—especially those where cannabis has recently been legalized—have large underground head shops that specialize in selling pot. These are generally small businesses that have been fined for selling cannabis, and they’re usually the first place to go if you’re looking to buy weed in your area. It’s also a great place to find smaller discounts—most head shops will offer discounts for buying a certain amount, or buying multiple times. If you’re buying in bulk, some head shops may also offer bulk discounts, which can save you quite a bit. Keep in mind that you can only buy weed from licensed businesses, so if you intend to buy weed from a head shop, make sure you’re buying it from a licensed head shop.

Search for Strain Names and Look for Discounts

The easiest way to find the best deals on weed is to use the strain names themselves to your advantage. When you buy weed that uses the strain names as a selling point, it can help you save a ton of money. For example, if you live in California and buy your bud from a market in Nevada, the bud will have to be shipped all the way back to California, where it’ll have to be taxed. If you buy weed using the name “California Kush,” this trip will be significantly cheaper, because that’s what the bud will be called when it returns to its home state. The same holds true if you buy from a dispensary in California that has bud from a head shop in Nevada. The bud will be shipped all the way back to California, where it’ll be taxed. If you buy bud using the name “California Kush” this trip will be significantly cheaper, because that’s what the bud will be called when it returns to its home state.

Use an Online Retailer or Warehouse Club

While many people think of online retailers as places to buy weed only in states where it’s legal, they actually offer some of the best deals on the black market. This is because many black market dealers are only licensed to sell in a specific state, so they have no way of selling online. That means they have to drive long distances to sell marijuana, which adds up to a lot of gas money. Online sellers, on the other hand, have no such problem. That means you can often buy weed from one state and have it shipped to another for almost the same price. These are also some of the best places to find exclusive strains and collectible strains that are impossible to find in any other form. Online retailers may vary in terms of quality and service, so be sure to check reviews and make sure that the product you’re purchasing is of high quality. Warehouse clubs are one of the best places to find discounted marijuana, as they rely on the same membership model as Costco. That means you’ll likely find a decent deal simply by signing up (as long as you have a membership).

Find the Black Market

Some of the best deals on marijuana are actually on the black market. This is because there are no rules or regulations, so you know that whatever you buy is as good as it gets. That means you’re likely to find some seriously amazing deals, as many dealers on the black market don’t scrimp on the bud itself. If you’re looking to save money, the best place to buy marijuana on the black market is a friend or a family member. If you have a friend who sells weed, you can buy from them for almost no cost at all. If you’re buying from a family member, you can ask them for a discount as long as you promise not to sell. That’s because you can buy marijuana only in states where it’s legal, and the government won’t turn anyone over just for buying marijuana.

Bottom Line

Buying weed isn’t as easy as just walking into any store or market and grabbing what you want. You’ll have to do a bit of digging to find the best places to buy marijuana, and you’ll also have to deal with potential legal issues, such as getting caught if you try to buy from a friend or family member. Fortunately, there are a ton of places you can buy weed for cheap, and most of them are in places you’d never expect, like a local market or a head shop.

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