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The 8 Best Places to Buy Weed in Winnipeg


The 8 Best Places to Buy Weed in Winnipeg

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When it comes to buying weed, Winnipeg can be a bit of a black market. With no stores selling cannabis, patients and consumers have to find their weed elsewhere. Here are the best places in Winnipeg to buy cannabis.

Where to Buy Weed in Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you’re on a budget and need to score some bud, you’re in luck. There are several places in Winnipeg where you can buy weed, and it’s not difficult to do. All you need is some cash, a place to go, and the right people. Cannabis is illegal in Canada, so you can’t just walk into a store or head to your local dispensary. However, there are several ways to get weed in Winnipeg, with the most common being buying it from friends or finding it online. You can also find weed in Winnipeg by cultivating your own, finding people who grow it and buying from them, or by finding someone who has it for sale. Keep in mind that most of the locations below are for medical marijuana only, and some may only sell marijuana to those with a prescription.

What you’ll pay for weed in Winnipeg

With no stores selling cannabis, it’s hard to know how much weed you’ll end up paying for. However, you can estimate based on what you can buy at each place. A gram of high-quality cannabis might cost between $10 and $25. But that price can vary depending on the strain and quality. Prices will also vary between shops and grow sites, but you can expect to pay a bit less for weed in Winnipeg than in other major cities, such as Vancouver. Shop owners and budtenders can’t tell you what the exact price is, but they can give you an estimate based on the type of weed you’re buying. If you’re buying a lot of grams, ask what the per-gram price will be, as it can add up quickly.


Dispensaries are the most common place in Winnipeg to buy weed. In fact, there are several locations that primarily sell bud, including three Dispensary Optimization Centres (DOs). There are also several medical marijuana dispensaries that primarily sell other products, like edibles and topicals. All of the locations below are licensed to sell cannabis. However, they’re all illegal to sell recreational marijuana unless they get their license. Your best bet is to find a friend with a medical marijuana prescription who can get you some bud. They don’t actually have to have a prescription, so you can get weed from anyone. Note that you can’t just show up to a dispensary with a friend with a prescription, though. You need to be able to prove that you have a medical marijuana license.

Shops and Convenience Stores

Although legal alternative cannabis retailers are few and far between, when you’re looking for a place to buy weed, you don’t necessarily have to look for a dispensary. Many shops and convenience stores also sell weed, though the quality and price will vary. Some shops may only have low-quality cannabis, like homegrown buds or bud that was harvested in the previous week. That was the case at the Dutch Shop, a shop located in a residential neighborhood. The quality and price of bud will also vary by location. Some shops are in areas where there are plenty of people who have access to cannabis, like a university or a large city neighbourhood with a lot of university students. You can also find shops that are in more isolated areas, like a rural area or a town that has few people. And some shops sell different types of weed. For example, one shop in Winnipeg sells cannabis-laced soda, while another sells edibles and topicals that you can consume in a variety of ways.

Grow Your Own?

If you’re looking for an easy way to get some bud but don’t have a lot of experience growing it, you can try growing it yourself. Many people grow their own cannabis for several reasons, including the fact that it’s grown indoors, which means that no one else can smell it. It’s also a great way to make some extra cash, since you can sell the buds at a higher price than what you pay for them. Growing cannabis is a bit more complicated than growing other plants, though, which means that you may need some additional skills. You’ll need to invest in some equipment, like a grow tent or a grow light, and you’ll need to learn how to use it properly. However, once you get the hang of it, you can make a lot of money selling your weed.

Other Sources of Marijuana in Winnipeg

You can find weed in Winnipeg by selling illegal items, getting it from a friend who has a medical marijuana prescription, or by buying it from another source, such as a friend who brings it to a party. It’s important to note that selling illegal items, such as alcohol or tobacco, is illegal, even if you’re selling weed. It’s also illegal to buy marijuana from someone who has a prescription for it. There are several ways to get weed in Winnipeg, but the best one is to get it from a friend who has a prescription. It’s easy and free, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting a license or dealing with the law.

Final Words

Buying weed in Winnipeg can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have anyone you can buy from. That’s why we recommend that you buy from friends, find a place to buy weed, or grow your own. Once you get your hands on some bud, make sure you keep it away from children and don’t drive while high. You can also make sure to follow all the laws around marijuana, including the province’s cannabis laws.

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